Chemistry of printing

Dr R B Chavan

This section outlines what happens when the dye is applied to the fabric. Understanding it helps to find the solutions to the
problems associated with printing processes.

There are three styles of printing:

  1. Direct style: In this method the colour is printed directly on the fabric in the form of design. The design may of single colour or more than one colour known as multicolour design. The fabric used can be white or dyed in light (pale) shade.
  2. Resist style: white resist or colour resist
  3. Discharge style: White discharge, colour discharge

At present following print pastes are used for direct style printing of cotton

  1. Pigment colours
  2. Indigosol colours
  3. Metallic prints: gold and silver
  4. Khadi printing.
  5. Natural dyes

Each of the above would be discussed briefly from the chemistry point of view.

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