Science behind preparatory processes for hand-printing

Dr R B Chavan

Before printing can happen the fabric is prepared in a process that for most printers happens outside their premises. Yet this process influences the printing process significantly. This section looks at the preparatory process and its chemistry, as well as how that impacts the printing.

Traditional hand-printers and the entrepreneurs employing them carry out the printing activities as a craft. There is little emphasis on the science or chemistry behind the various processes involved to get the finished product. This state of affairs is mainly due to the fact that traditional printers have inherited the skill from elders in the family. At the same time, entrepreneurs involved in the business of printing, in general are designers or persons having business acumen. As a consequence, neither the traditional printers nor the entrepreneurs have the formal training in the science or chemistry involved in the printing activities.

This section and the one that follows, attempt to provide the basics on the chemistry involved in different processes of printing. It is envisaged that understanding the science behind block printing processes would unable the block printers and entrepreneurs to overcome the day to day technical problems in order to improve the quality and productivity of the block printed fabric for improved wage earning to block printers and profits to the entrepreneurs.

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